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September 21, 2011


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As a photographer I often look at other people's photos and I wonder how they finally got to the end result.  

I wonder how they shot it, what lens they used, what white balance, what the light conditions were. Did they use a tripod or a remote?  Did they shoot it in jpeg or in RAW?  What was the exposure like to start with?

Then I start to wonder, what did they do AFTER the shutter was released.  There are SO many programs on the market and they all do something special.  Some photos take a very short time to edit, and some take much longer.  I look at amazing photos and I wonder ....  "What did that person start out with?  Was it amazing from the camera or did they do a lot of work on it?"  

So, I decided that it would be fun to do a little test.  I was able to gather some of my friends and watchers together and entice them to take part in a post processing challenge!!

I wanted to see how different people would process the exact same photo!  So, I distributed a RAW (or tiff) file to everyone and sat back and waited for the results!  It was very exciting because every person who participated has a very different style, and a few, don't even do any photo processing because their main art is other than photography.  I told them to do what ever they wanted with it - go all out and give it the works.   I also asked each person to give us a little run down of the process they used  to get their end result, as I hoped that this could be informative and a learning experience!

I'd like to share with you the results of this little test.  In no particular order I'm going to introduce each person to you and show you their final result!!  Please view them at full size and even visit their galleries to get an idea of the type of work they do!

First :  Mine!  
Out To Pasture by Handie

This is a typical shot for me - living in the prairies I have a lot of landscape photos that include big open spaces, old barns and skies.  It was exciting to see how everyone else interpreted the scene!

Cho is an awesome guy and a wonderful photographer.  He's funny as hell too!  I was very pleased when he decided to join us!  

:icono0oluxo0o:  Handies Love Shack by o0oLUXo0o
Brian is a wonderful photographer and he is willing to share his knowledge.  He shoots amazing night scenes which he has allowed me to pick his brain about.  

:iconcaboose6789: by Caboose6789
He has a varied gallery with everything from photography to digital art!  It was a pleasure meeting him and having him take part!

:iconval-faustino:  Land of Handy Sandra by Val-Faustino
I also just met Val through this challenge and he's a Canadian just like me!   He's a great guy and has some amazing shots of Vancouver you should check out!!

:iconmj-magic:  :thumb258775433:
MJ is one of the only two women who joined us!!  MJ has a lovely gallery and her photos always have a beautiful "feel good" quality to them that is so very nice, just like she is!

:iconnunocanha:  1981 - B side just for Sandy by NunoCanha  1981 by NunoCanha
Nuno is one of the sweetest people!  He did two versions.  His true love is street photography which is almost always in B&W -and he excels at it.  He went "outside of his box" on this one and did a colour version just for me - and I love it!!  

:icongeminiartnstock:  :thumb259107402:
Andrew had a lot of fun with this challenge!   He went all out and did a photo manipulation with it, using some of his own stock to add to the scene!  

:iconwchild:  the Amber Prairie by wchild
Jari is an HDR processor and he does some amazing things with it!!  His photos are amazing and he has some HDR work shops on his page, so if you are wanting to learn or practice HDR - make sure you check that out!!

:iconay4u:  That One Time At The Barn. . . by ay4u  That One Time At The Barn. . . by ay4u
This young man is a digital artist taking a stab at this!  I think he did a great job and he came up with two different looks for the photo!!

:iconjacksl:  Handie's Challenge by jacksl
Jackie, my sister across the ocean  is not a photographer but an AMAZING portrait artist!  She did a very cool job on this and I'm so glad she joined in the fun!!  Check out her gallery - she's awesome!!

:iconhillbillydeluxe:  :thumb258626124:
Tom is from Japan and he has some beautiful shots of his country in his gallery!  He really enjoys HDR as well and he's an awesome guy!  Check out his gallery and show him some love!!!

:iconjonnygoodboy:  Post Process Challenge 01 by JonnyGoodboy
Jonathan is an amazing photographer who has a wide body of work.  Everything from landscapes to architecture to street - Jonny does it all and he does it SO well.  His gallery is definitely worth a peruse so go over there and check it out!!

Tim is from Australia and his landscapes are to die for!  He has a wonderful processing style to go along with his photographic talent and I was very pleased when he said he'd join us!  Another amazing gallery for you to check out!

And last but not least, I will introduce you to

Dan is a very special guy.  He is always out to prove to people exactly what an arse he is, and so for his challenge entry he decided to put a self portrait of himself into the sky.   

The great gig in the sky by damien-c-photography

Nice ass Dan!!  Thanks for playing along!!!  

This was a great experiment and I hope to be able to do more of this in the future!  I hope everyone who entered had as good a time and will enjoy seeing what everyone else did with their photo!!!

Thank you VERY much to everyone!  :heart:
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Val-Faustino Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow, what a great variety, all good in their own right :thumbsup:
Thanks again for the invite and the kudos too :hug:
Handie Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
THanks for playing along! It was a fun experiment!!
Philluppus Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011   General Artist
an amazing idea and a evenso amazing outcome,
i like to have a closer look to each one of the featured artwork,

Handie Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank yu! It was a lot of fun and very interesting for me to see so many versions of my work!
eDDie-TK Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
mine must have gotten rejected :(
Handie Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Eddie - did you post it in your gallery? I can't find it!!!
eDDie-TK Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
no - i set it to you in the email
i won't post someones elses pic in my gallery (?)
Handie Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Eddie - some people put them in their scraps. I need them here on DA to link to them - I guess that's why I missed yours -as people were putting them on here I was faving them to a special folder and then I did the journal from there. Then I hadn't realized that I hadn't faved yours! :(

I'm sorry again - and I hope you get some good shots. We are going tomorrow on a little photo trip ourselves. I'm hoping to catch some prairie fall colours!!!

Have a great weekend!!!
eDDie-TK Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
no prob ! no worries
it was fun
to tell you the truth i don't even know what "scraps" are ????
have fun on yours - we're suppose to have grrreat weather
Handie Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
LOL! when you are uploading a photo if you choose "scraps" Instead of say, photogrphy, it will post the picture in your scrap book and the photo won't go into your feed. It just sits in scraps and no one even looks there unless you tell them to!

There is talk of forming a group Eddie, would you be interested?

You have fun too - I hope you have good conditions for some great shots!!
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